Super Antenna

Super Antenna
  • Type Wideband VHF-UHF
  • Element Dipole - Director
  • Element Type Anodized Aluminum
  • Impedance Input 150ohms
  • Impedance Match Balun (300'Ω - 75'Ω)
  • Gain (dBU level) Normal Gain
  • Beamwidth Relatively Small
  • Directory Pattern Relative to X'mitter
  • Polarization (Mounting Reference) Horizontal to the ground
  • Direction Towards X'mitter Station Highly Directional
  • Transmission Line 10m RG6/U Coaxial
  • # of Components for Assembly 20
  • Ease of Installation Easy, but need to find best position
  • Best installation site Metro Cities, Urban Places, NCR
  • Marketability Basic Antenna
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